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Below are quotations and video clips from Curry County commissioner candidate forums held March and August 2012 sponsored by the Brookings TEA Party.    
Curry County Taxes
                                   Forum March 17, 2012
                                                              Clip (1)
Question: If elected, would you commit to acting in the capacity of a volunteer or part time commissioner and to pursue hiring a full time administrator for this county?
Candidate Smith - "Yes I do if it's the will of you."  LIE #1
Question: If elected, would you support a county sales tax or a property tax?
Candidate Brown - "My answer would be no."
Candidate Smith - "The answer is no.  We don't need any more taxes."  LIE #2           
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                                   Forum March 17, 2012
                                                              Clip (2)
Question: If elected, what steps would you take to improve the current financial challenges facing Curry County?
Candidate Brown - "I think there's still a number of things on the table.  And then start looking outside for our own revenue sources.  And it doesn't necessarily mean taxes.  I think we can generate revenue from other areas."  
Candidate Smith: "We need to limit spending.  We need to go to the unions.  They need to understand that they can no longer get that PERS increase and that COLA increase every year.  We also need to put our health insurance benefits out to bid."
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                                 Forum August 18, 2012
Question:  You were for more taxes; then you weren't; then you were.  Which is it and why? 
Candidate Smith - "As discussed at the last forum, the media did not quote correctly.  I was just trying to utilize the ballot as an input measure so I know what you want.  I am not for raising taxes."    
Question: If elected, would you decline to join PERS (Oregon Public Employees Retirement System) and instead agree to participate in some other retirement plan used in the private sector such as a 401k?
Candidate Smith -  "Yes."   LIE #3
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                                  Post Election video clip
                       Curry County Board of Commissioner
                                   meeting Jan, 23, 2013
Commission Chair Smith's response when asked by a citizen during the public comment period if he had followed through on his commitment 8/18/2012 as a candidate not to join PERS. 
Commissioner Smith - "Still looking into the other possibilities of another retirement plan."  LIE #4
Citizen - "OK. So you have not joined the PERS?"
Commissioner Smith - "I have at the moment, yes." 
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More Taxpayer $$$
August 18, 2012
Candidate Forum - Mr. Smith 
If elected, would you decline to
join PERS?
May 28, 2013
Commissioner Smith - Email 
"I have NOT joined PERS..."
August 1, 2013
PERS Contributions for Smith begin.
Taxpayer Cost:
Commissioner Smith Cost:
Recent County Developments:
Employees meeting standards will receive 5% step (pay) increase on their anniversary date.
County shall pay employees 6% PERS.
County shall contribute up to $1,100 per month per employee for health/med/dental insurance.
County shall contribute $50 per month to each participating employees medical savings account.
Two weeks after defeat of the May 21 Tax Levy commissioners went on a employee promotion and hiring spree. June 11, 2013 commissioners transferred $950,000 to the general fund from road fund reserves totaling about $35,000,000. There were six promotions and ten hire orders.
This was their fall back plan all along in the event they were unable to "Dupe" the voters into voting YES on the May 21 Tax Levy. The transfer could have occurred a year or more earlier for twice the $950,000 amount.
Recent letter to the editor "contained some blatantly inaccurate information."
Read Itzen's embarrassing comments here.
October 23, 2013
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