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77th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--2013 Regular Session
                                                      House Bill 3453
Sponsored  by  COMMITTEE  ON  RULES
The  following  summary is not prepared by the sponsors of the measure and is not a part of the body thereof subject to  consideration  by the Legislative Assembly. It is an editor’s brief statement of the essential features of the measure as introduced.
          Provides  that  Governor  may  proclaim,  in  affected  counties,  public  safety  fiscal  emergency,  with unanimous  agreement  of  President  and  Minority  Leader  of  Senate  and  Speaker  and  Minority  Leader of  House  of  Representatives.  Allows  for  consolidation  or merger of units of local government and for intergovernmental  agreements  for  purpose  of  providing  services.  Allows  for imposition of income tax assessment  on  residents  of  affected  counties,  with  maximum  rate  to  be  specified  in proclamation and with  approval  of  county  governing  body.
          Declares  emergency,  effective  on  passage.
Below is the SUMMARY statement from
 HB 3453 as introduced March 2013
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The bill as approved resembles that of an Orwellian authoritarian state.
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The Oregonian - May 29, 2013
Income tax for financially troubled counties may not work in Josephine County
The Oregonian - May 25, 2013
Curry, Josephine counties could face local income tax as legislators react to defeat of public safety levies
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The Oregonian - June 17, 2013
Oregon legislators look to expand tax options for financially troubled counties
The Oregonian - June 29, 2013
Curry, Josephine counties need Legislature's help
A third public hearing (Workshop) on this bill was held June 27.  Amendment HB 3453-17 was proposed and adopted.  The measure went to the Joint Committee On Ways and Means along with hundreds of other bills.  No public hearings or workshops were scheduled.  None that is until Sunday evening July 7, 2013 when the bill was referred to the Capital Construction Committee.  There it was amended and approved.   
A dictator in ancient Rome is defined as:
"a person invested with supreme authority during a crisis".
HB 3453 empowers the Governor alone to proclaim a public safety fiscal emergency in two or fewer counties. If a majority of the governing body (county commissioners) of an affected county agrees with the proclamation, they (commissioners) are empowered to impose an “income tax” on citizens of that county in an amount which they determine is necessary to satisfy the county’s funding obligations to eliminate the fiscal emergency. This is unprecedented in Oregon and all without a vote of the people.
A dictatorship is defined as:
"a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition."
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3453-B Enrolled (Final)
The Oregonian -  July 8, 2013
County rescue bill approved by Oregon Legislature
Monday, July 8, 2013 the final Enrolled version of HB 3453 was approved by members of the Oregon Legislative Assembly.   
In a Newsletter July 8, Senator Kruse (District 1) went into some detail about the legislative system in Oregon and, what had occurred Sunday, July 7 stating "They (Capital Construction Committee) passed a series of bills with no discussion and no input from anyone, even committee members.  To make it even worse they passed some of the bills with 'conceptual amendments.'"
To read the July 8 Newsletter click here.
States with Legislative Supermajority Requirements to Increase Taxes
Oregon Legislature ignores Constitution in dramatic move toward tyranny.


Section 32. Taxes and duties; uniformity of taxation. No tax or duty shall be imposed without the consent of the people or their representatives in the Legislative Assembly; and all taxation shall be uniform on the same class of subjects within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax. [Constitution of 1859; Amendment proposed by H.J.R. 16, 1917, and adopted by the people June 4, 1917]  


      Section 25. Majority necessary to pass bills and resolutions; special requirements for bills raising revenue; signatures of presiding officers required.

      (1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, a majority of all the members elected to each House shall be necessary to pass every bill or Joint resolution.

      (2) Three-fifths of all members elected to each House shall be necessary to pass bills for raising revenue.

      (3) All bills, and Joint resolutions passed, shall be signed by the presiding officers of the respective houses. [Constitution of 1859; Amendment proposed by H.J.R. 14, 1995, and adopted by the people May 21, 1996]


Section 1a. Poll or head tax; declaration of emergency in tax laws. No poll or head tax shall be levied or collected in Oregon. The Legislative Assembly shall not declare an emergency in any act regulating taxation or exemption. [Created through initiative petition filed June 23, 1910, and adopted by the people Nov. 8, 1910; Amendment proposed by S.J.R. 10, 1911, and adopted by the people Nov. 5, 1912]


Oregon Legislators
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HB 3453
Oath of Office
State of Oregon
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Oregon Constitution
Articles of the Oregon Constitution
pertaining to revenue and taxation
HB 3453 Q & A:
 Citizen Questions
 to Oregon District 1 Representatives:
                  Citizen email Sept. 12, 2013
I called both Krieger and Kruse with no satisfaction (I had to talk to Krieger's wife as he was "working").  Do you know what their reply was?  "Well, it was going to pass anyway."
         Citizen email Sept. 18, 2013
Response received from Rep. Krieger's Legislative Assistant - Mrs. Krieger. 
"You asked if Representative Krieger has read the bill.  Yes.
Have you?"
Much of the response was taken directly from the text of HB 3453.
Click here to read the complete email.
        Citizen email Sept. 18, 2013
"I was under the impression that we voted for you to represent the people in your district."  "...give me some rational reasons for your support of this bill and why specific Articles in the Oregon Constitution are being ignored regarding revenue and taxation."  
Click here to read the complete letter.
HB 3453 Passage Over the Holiday
Sheriff - General Duties
ORS 206.010
• Did you read the bill?

• Why did you vote in favor on the bill?

• Please explain what authority you have
to disregard the Oregon Constitution?

• Why are specific Articles being ignored
regarding revenue and taxation?
Senator Kruse Response:
• Well, it was going to pass anyway.

• You won't like the answer. The majority party
had the votes and could do what they like.

• We never wanted to go down this road but when the train is leaving the station and you
cannot change the carriages, you have to be on board.
Representative Krieger Response:
• Well, it was going to pass anyway.

• You asked if Representative Krieger has read the bill. Yes. Have you?

• Did you just take the word of someone who wrote in the paper?
Some calls from citizens have not been
returned nor written questions
answered. Neither representative has
responded to a single question related
to the Oregon Constitution.
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The Dirty Little Secret
that Commissioners don't want you to know about House Bill 3453
Read the legal Overview
House Bill 3453
Item No. 23 - page 4
Citizen's Right of Referendum
Oregon Constitution
Article IV. Section 1.
Initiative & Referendum power reserved to the people
Citizens may by a petition signed by approximately 410 qualified voters order that an election be held allowing the people to approve or reject the implementation of
 House Bill 3453