House Bill No. 4175
2012 Legislative Session
The final enrolled version of this bill was signed into law March 27, 2012 just five weeks after being introduced. It can be downloaded here.
"[A] Permits certain Oregon counties to use federal forest reserve monies in county road funds for law enforcement activities; [B] allows a county to make inter-fund loans from a county's road fund to any other county fund for the purpose of patrolling by law enforcement."
What Does HB 4175 Actually Do?
According to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means Staff Measure Summary March 2, 2012:
Seven counties are listed in Section 1 of the bill.
They are NOT required to repay money used from the road fund.
Section 1 is repealed (sunsets) Jan. 2, 2016.
(a) Coos County;
(b) Curry County;
(c) Douglas County;
(d) Josephine County;
(e) Klamath County;
(f) Lane County; and
(g) Linn County:
Section 5 of the bill refers to interfund "loans" by a county
from the county's road fund into any county fund that
will be used for the purpose of patrolling county roads.

They ARE required to repay the "loan" from the road
fund within three years.
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With nearly $35,000,000 in road fund reserves, in early February 2013 during a public meeting the Curry County commission chair stated to those present which included the Sheriff,  "July 1st is when we're going to have to go into a 2.1 (million) budget scenario.  We're going to have to lay off 65 employees."
This bill was originally intended to enable seven counties the ability to transfer monies from road fund reserves (if available) to fund law enforcement road patrol.
In Curry County however it has been a secret "gold mine" to fall back on if multiple attempts to deceive the public into approving tax increases failed.  The fear mongering escalated into a frenzy during the months leading up to ballot tax measure 8-71 in May 2013.  This measure if passed would increase individual property taxes about 25 percent.
March 13, 2013 Senate Bill 496 was passed. The language identified the types of law enforcement costs which road fund transfers under HB 4175 would cover. The bill identifies some indirect costs that are covered such as administrative expenses and dispatch. Identical language was passed by the House June 14, 2013.
What Citizens Are Saying About
 HB 4175
Forum submittal the local media in Brookings OR declined to publish.
Days after defeat of the law enforcement tax measure, commissioners began promoting a sales tax measure and in the next breath informed the media they were "borrowing" $950,000 from the road fund.  This they claimed would fund about half the number of deputies required.
The Chair was asked to please provide the 65 position titles planned for layoff and refused.
July 1st has come and gone.  No lay offs.
Just another  LIE  in the life of Commission Chair Smith.  
Click here to watch video of the February meeting.
Curry County Sheriff
HB 4175
Despicable Duping
October 9, 2013
Commissioner Itzen
October 23, 2013
Blatantly inaccurate information addressed.
Response to Itzen Oct. 23 accusations.

"Ask the Sheriff"
November 2, 2013
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