The forecast revenue for the proposed levy is approximately $4,950,000 over three years. 
2013/2014 Property Tax Roll Summary   
Law Enforcement Levy
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Sept. 16, 2014
June 24, 2014 Curry County commissioners approved Order No. 20036 directing that an election be conducted
September 16, 2014 relating to a Three Year Local Option
Levy for jail operations purposes. Measure 8-78:
Click here to download the FINAL Order No. 20036 - after removal of the word "tax"
curry_county_taxes004022.jpg curry_county_taxes004021.jpg curry_county_taxes004020.jpg curry_county_taxes004019.jpg curry_county_taxes004018.jpg curry_county_taxes004017.jpg curry_county_taxes004016.jpg curry_county_taxes004015.jpg curry_county_taxes004014.jpg curry_county_taxes004013.jpg curry_county_taxes004012.jpg curry_county_taxes004011.jpg curry_county_taxes004010.jpg curry_county_taxes004009.jpg curry_county_taxes004008.jpg curry_county_taxes004007.jpg
In opening discussions June 24 Curry County counsel Herbage suggested changing the summary section wording of the DRAFT Ballot Title. "I think that after option it would be better if it said tax cause that's what it is."  
Just two minutes later Commissioner Smith asks county counsel "So, under 'summary' line three in corresponding with the 'Title' maybe we could have 'This proposed three year local option levy' instead of tax?" 
Several minutes later Commissioner Itzen asks Curry County Assessor Kolen  "...if you look at the summary under ah one, two, three, four, the fifth line down in it says 'This is a proposed local option tax."  
Like reading from a script Kolen quickly replies "I believe the appropriate wording for these is actually local option levies."  
During the next twenty minutes Commissioners Itzen & Smith along with Assessor Kolen removed the word 'tax' five times from the Order directing an election and the Ballot Title. 
Click here to download the DRAFT Order No. 20036 - prior to removal of the word "tax"
What if the LEVY Passes in September?
Question: If the LEVY is passed in September, when will property owners see this on their property tax bill?
Answer - Assessor Kolen 6/24/2014: "...if it were passed in September the money could be collected on the 2014/2015 tax roll (November 2014)."
Commissioner Brown to Assessor Kolen 6/24/14:
We're budgeted for the 2014/2015 year right now.  If the LEVY passes "It doesn't help us fund anything else in the county (required to support the jail).  It doesn't' help you to collect it for the jail.  It doesn't help the Clerk (Mrs. Kolen).  It doesn't help county counsel.  It doesn't help the DA's office if we have all this funding cause they're still unfunded...July 1st of next year."
Assessor Kolen to Brown: "Yes I understand that's correct also."
Below are two video clips from the June 24
discussion on the Ballot Measure wording.
The participants have missed their true
calling.  They were born to be actors; not
to represent those who elected them.
Video Clip 1 - ACT I & II
Everyone is on cue.  Over about 20 minutes what was a tax cause it is a tax became a LEVY!
Click here and watch as the scenes unfold.
Video Clip 2
Commissioner comments supporting & opposing the LEVY.
No Teleprompters here.
Just read from the computer screen.  
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July 5, 2014
County's COLA decision
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July 12, 2014
Commissioners defend decision to give cost of living raises
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July 2, 2014 Pilot:
County workers, officials get pay increase
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Once addicted to spending there's no stopping when it's not your money 
50% voter turnout required
in Special Elections
48.82% actual voter turnout
NO: 57.21%
YES: 42.79%
Download the Final Unofficial results for the
September 16, 2014 election.  Measure 8-78.