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Curry County Commissioner David Brock Smith files complaint with Oregon Secretary of State.
Read the April 16, 2013 complaint here
City of Brookings Council Agenda Report
Meeting Date: May 13, 2013
Re: Secretary of State Complaint
Click here to read Attachments to Agenda Report:
a. Draft letter to Secretary of State
b. Letter from Commissioner Chair Smith
c. Letter from Secretary of State
d. Letter to Secretary of State from City Attorney
"Changes to legislation would allow governor to implement local sales tax if voters reject property tax levy"
To read the full article click here.
When contacted May 8th, the Managing Editor of the Pilot responded in part that "The story included bad info, which was brought to our attention (earlier that day) by the Brookings city manager."
It is incomprehensible that the bullet (in large text no less) on the front page of this publication could have been so inaccurate just four days after ballots were received by county voters.
Was this simply a result of sloppy unprofessional  journalism or, was it more than that?
A vote of the people is required to implement a sales tax.
The Editor and staff member that wrote the article were asked the following questions.  Neither responded.
1) How many will read this "bad info" at the top of the article and cast their votes accordingly out of fear?
2) How many will read this "bad info" at the top of the article that were leaning one way or another and were swayed by this threat of dictatorial proportions?
3) How many registered voters over the next week will vote in a particular manner on Measure 8-71 as a direct or indirect result of being subjected to undue influence because of the "bad info"?
Curry Coastal Pilot, May 8, 2013
May 4, 2013: Voters Receive Ballots
While the views of the Curry Coastal Pilot are widely known, the full page Editorial was a surprise to some.
Full page 'Pilot' Editorial published
supporting Tax Levy Measure 8-71.

All Letters to the Editor published on the Measure 8-71 subject support measure.
To read the May 4, 2013 Editorial click here.
A correction was published in the May 11, 2013 edition of the Pilot saying the May 8 story incorrectly reported that the amended HB 3453 would allow the governor to levy a sales tax.   The correction ended with "The Pilot regrets the error."  
May 4, 2013 article reports earlier this year State Senator Kruse drops idea allowing counties to reorganize under Chapter 9 bankruptcy law.
Why did Senator Kruse really drop the idea?
February  2013 Kruse wrote "I am one of the sponsors of a bill to allow for bankruptcy proceedings this session."
When asked for a bill number the Senator replied he was still gathering signatures so he did not have a number.
March 29 during a town hall meeting Senator Kruse offered the fate of the proposed legislation depended on whether or not Arnie Roblan (Senator - Coos Bay) would hear it in his committee or not.
May 4  Senator Kruse is reported saying "...he dropped the idea (Chapter 9 bankruptcy legislation) after officials from Josephine and Jackson counties indicated their lack of support."   
To read the May 4 article click here.
Senator Kruse was elected to Oregon Senate District #1 with a population of about 128,000. 
Does the Senator represent all 128,000 citizens in the District or just select officials in Josephine and Jackson counties?
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